Updated: Aug 3

As a professional baker I get asked the same question repeatedly by family and friends, "Which type of eggs are better for baking? Brown eggs, or white eggs? Have I ever used green eggs?"

When I began my baking journey over twenty years ago, I only used white eggs. White eggs were readily available and cheaper than brown eggs. Growing up we only had white eggs in the fridge. To be honest, I assumed an egg was an egg. To my surprise, that would change one day when someone gave me a bucket of fresh brown eggs "straight off the farm." It may sound crazy and I was in my mid-twenties at the time, not sure what to do with these eggs. I literally had to incorporate these brown eggs into my recipes. No, there were not many varations that needed to be adjusted. Brown eggs seemed "foreign" and fancy to me. Every cooking show used brown eggs. Perhaps I was onto something. I can laugh at myself now.

The brown eggs where much larger than the white eggs. I was told that is due to the maturity of the hen. Trust me when I say there is nothing better than fresh eggs no matter what color they are. Fresh eggs are always a game changer! The flavor is phenomenal!

What are the advantages of using brown eggs vs white eggs? It depends on where you live. In some parts of the South, brown eggs may have a slight advantage over white eggs. Brown eggs can be easily purchased directly from a local organic chicken farmer or your local farmer's market. Note, organic brown eggs tend to have a hefty price tag per a dozen. Organic eggs are usually sourced from free-range hens in organic pastures. If you don’t have access to a chicken farm or farmers market, check the dairy section at your local Walmart or grocery store. Some bakers believe that organic brown eggs add richness to baked goods. Always incorporate your eggs properly into your cakes or cupcakes batter.

Brown eggs may have some additional health benefits over white eggs. Like when your doctor says, “eat brown rice and stay away from the white rice.” I am southern and we love our white rice. According to, "brown eggs are not just great for baking but can improve brain power, doesn’t raise blood cholesterol, lowers triglycerides, increases muscle mass and aid in weight loss etc". Honestly, both brown eggs and white eggs contain health benefits; they both contain vitamins, minerals, and of course proteins. Always check with your doctor before consuming a ton of eggs.

Do brown eggs taste better than white eggs? Fresh eggs always taste better. Fresh eggs have a much better flavor. There was not a difference in taste when it came a scrambled brown eggs or scrambled white eggs in my opinion. However, brown eggs seem a bit fluffier when scrambled. Brown eggs tend to have a little bolder color when it comes to the yolks.

Here at Simply Delicious and More, LLC we do not discriminate when it comes to the color of our eggs. However, I am still biased when it comes to brown eggs; only because I have been using them for over twenty years. If you pick up a brown egg and a white egg,crack them open; like people, they are the same inside. So, the answer to the question in the first paragraph is, use what ever you like. I have seen a green egg once. I have never used one or tasted a green egg. Has anyone eaten or cooked with green eggs?


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